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Welcome to Coffee in the Valley. We are a local coffee shop located in Valley City, Ohio.  We love our small town community. At Coffee in the Valley, we aim to provide you not only with delicious coffee, tea, and specialty drinks, but to serve you in a warm and friendly atmosphere. We encourage you to bring a book, a laptop, and a FRIEND and check us out. We have Wi-Fi, a variety of seating, a DRIVE THRU, and coffee you’ll love!

The idea for Coffee in the Valley began several years ago as a “someday” dream. See, I am an elementary teacher and my husband is an accountant. How did this lead to a coffee shop? One evening, while walking through town with my husband, we noticed a building for sale. Not just any building…a bank. What a perfect location for a coffee shop! We joked around about buying the bank. Little did we know, a few short months later we would own the building and on our way to opening Coffee in the Valley!

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